Selected Poems from…

by Neal Cassady


The Twilight of Infinity has loomed;
Candle Bearers shed their Images
on the Lasting Frame.
The Twilight of the Absolute has eclipsed;
Iron Workers forge a new Abyss
on the Lasting Sham.
The Twilight of Misery has frowned;
Medicine Makers of the Miniscule have marched
on the Soul’s Finitude.
The Twilight of the Idols has vanished;
Dew Drops resigned to fright
on the Last Leaf in the Forest.
Dusk and Dawn have slipped into Eternity.

Outside of Dew

Drop leafs, the slight flickering;
Luminous shell beckons verse;
Craft marble, dream case of shackled czars;
Dew bickering.

Shadow pulse leaves glaze;
Gravitational pull down;
Side way this varnished vase;
Ice snickering.

Outside of dew does Donely;
Dunly do.
Outside of dew does Donely;
Dunly do.

Pick sheaths, the kite hiccupping;
Onerous snail reckons curse;
Pass carve ed steam, chaste Martian snarls;
Dew wed for rest.

Outside of do doze Dunly;
Dewly done.
Outside of do doze Dunly;
Dewly done.



Dear Sir, or God, or Editor,

I am writing on. Be half of me!

Perches burd en s cyclopedia tacks.

Con, script, shun: Three ways to go about life.

I have a picture of dew droppings. They dew shit, I Prometheus.


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