em partes

by gringocarioca

em partes

text by gringocarioca/Marco de Oliveira :: image by Eduardo Ramos

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by Amy Bueno

During a Mint Magic commercial
we are getting it on.
Carnaval’s on in the underworld—
We get it, channel 7.
“Get the Super-Duper Eternal Oven!”

Get it? Or not?
I hope you brought your Gi-tar because
Get is a little girl getting candy and pregnant.
Get is a Gretal licking the chimney.
Get can never not be dirty.

Saying: Git out
of my house after getting what. You came to get
you say? Eat your grits and get.
I say it is today and the getting
is good. I say a get costs a got.

A garter and a girdle and a
groin and a griddle,
and you’ve got yourself, giddyap!
Get is just a giblet.
Get begets get.

So give in to it—
One gimmick you can trust
and get
at any market.
How many giggawatts,

gillslits, tits?
Are you giddy yet?
Did you get? Did you get?
I get drunk on some,
I get so sum, I get

an unbearable lot.

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