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by Rafael Galiñanes January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, poetics | No Comments

Sentir los gentilicios
del viento
de mis dedos
(dientes de concreto).
He lado a las jojas muertas con
la lengua del pie
(el pie de la lengua).
Ayer telos levantes con la glorieta de mima ginación
que es tan grande tan grande hoy
(gran …


by gringocarioca January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, concrete poetry, visual | No Comments

remixed by Eduardo Ramos

Shobos & Lovejas

by Amy Bueno January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, poetics | No Comments

The sheep follows the wolf
sobre valles & manchas
of the old world’s alfombra
al laundrymat.  The oveja
sits there folds bragas
with patches of lana while
lobitos hide in unmatched piles
de ropa, su mamá ya civilizada
& without teats sin …

Yo soy Wednesday

by Amy Bueno January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, poetics | No Comments

Yo soy Wednesday
from the middle of the week.
Las semanas me han
aplastado pero I keep
soying. Lift me up
fuera del granaje que me deja
deaf. If you are a dog,
& not a boy, traga el reloj.
El sacrificio …

Ars memoriae: Aegis Forever

by Neal Cassady January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, poetics | No Comments


I. What to make, of, bold, tonight, writing.

Within lairs, formulaic?

of bold writing. Tonight I do


II. Where to be, sweet gramen.

Where to be? This night, when simples

meet their shrines, …

Creation Myth

by Brian Howe January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, graphic, poetics | No Comments

Lesion, jamb and skaldic jaw
fluxion idiom tidier; uremia odium awe.


Bite wampum dice, skim limit troika
calm? Drafty retch Yule junkman sues:


a dive, a poker, and a caddy. Red coifs
ouch! Zest radii loamy art duel,


iced yuck fiche fib. Gucci waste o.k.
chunks (nudes eddied …

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