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i had a vision of a valley of ripe corn, god?

by Rafael Galiñanes May, 2007 | ?: poetics | No Comments

Uncouth failing faces
A thoroughly throughful window
Lemons paling green
And motionless, crisp

(the wind,
what a yawnful beast
gnashing yellow and seething
the heart’s chatter.)

Four canopies sentinel each post
As this expression gets drafted
So life-like-ly.

To wage huge vagrant strawberries
From the path, and call it mournfully
a job later.

It’s a business, farming solemn
Fucks, refusing to fuck in anger’s …

em partes

by gringocarioca April, 2007 | ?: concrete poetry | No Comments

em partes

text by gringocarioca/Marco de Oliveira :: image by Eduardo Ramos


by Amy Bueno April, 2007 | ?: poetics | No Comments

During a Mint Magic commercial
we are getting it on.
Carnaval’s on in the underworld—
We get it, channel 7.
“Get the Super-Duper Eternal Oven!”

Get it? Or not?
I hope you brought your Gi-tar because
Get is a little girl getting candy and pregnant.
Get is a Gretal licking the chimney.
Get …

termine examenes. escribi par de poemas. [poems in English & Spanish]

by Rafael Galiñanes March, 2007 | ?: poetics | No Comments


Throat of pure invention
that is the horrible deedle of time.

A boy opens scared-his-mouth
The tremendous observance of chance.

The young man breaks the jar
of the weeping finds
inside-squeezed fruits,

The fleshy lips of the dry hares
the free hares of the lip meats

The jungle sex of grandfathers,
the sleeplessness …

Black Hole

by Rodrigo Garcia Lopes February, 2007 | ?: poetics, visual | No Comments

O ponto e um buraco negro (A dot is a black hole) by Rodrigo Garcia Lopes

translation & drawing by Eduardo Ramos

to the letter

by gringocarioca February, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, concrete poetry | No Comments

To the Letter: Concrete poem by Marco de Oliveira (gringocarioca)

Cow Caos

by Amy Bueno February, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, poetics | 9 Comments

my love, Joaquín, on his birthday
At the bazaar las vacas se venden.
It’s not that they are sold, for they sell
themselves.  Una doncella canta
las virtudes of her calico:  My hide
is a sky, un cielo de vacas!  Su papá


by gringocarioca January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, concrete poetry, visual | No Comments

poetry is a way with words/the poem is … with words/ ………………./ the poet is away with words/ !?

everything in it’s right place [OCD, or todo en su sitio}

by eduardo ramos January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, concrete poetry, graphic | 2 Comments

Traduccion translation of Radiohead, Everything in its Right Place, del album Kid A. Todo en su sitio esta en su sitio…

Francesco De Angelis’s / [Poetics Post Mortem]

by Neal Cassady January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, poetics, visual | No Comments

As all falls toward the center of the circle
Life meets with quiet hands the center
Centrifuged circumlocution fires the synapse
Carcere, o’ carcere, my dear petty countrymen.

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