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everything in it’s right place [OCD, or todo en su sitio}

by eduardo ramos January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, concrete poetry, graphic | 2 Comments

Traduccion translation of Radiohead, Everything in its Right Place, del album Kid A. Todo en su sitio esta en su sitio…

Creation Myth

by Brian Howe January, 2007 | ?: Issue 2, graphic, poetics | No Comments

Lesion, jamb and skaldic jaw
fluxion idiom tidier; uremia odium awe.


Bite wampum dice, skim limit troika
calm? Drafty retch Yule junkman sues:


a dive, a poker, and a caddy. Red coifs
ouch! Zest radii loamy art duel,


iced yuck fiche fib. Gucci waste o.k.
chunks (nudes eddied …

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