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_volutions spun into itself in April of 2005, or year 31313131 in the mythical Calendar of Earthworms. The resulting explosion resulted in a series of explosions that shaped the topography of the Earth as we know it.

Or at least as humans do. The discovery prompted a happening, and the happening prompted a river of PBR, Bandido's enchiladas, and the reading, publicly, of things such as poems, and even more loose events such as music-performing.

Though the Temple Ball has since been shattered, and Carrboro ground to a hippie-halt, _volutions continues to attempt to attempt to attempt to attempt to find the initial particle that ignites all intent.

When we find it, rest assured, we will do silly things with it, such as juggle it with other particles, and go to Christmas holiday office parties. Art does not give us the heebie-jeebies, or even the runs. It gives us in de ex pre post invo extra anti super mega fwd un, but almost never a re


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Our Good Womens and Mens Who Also Give Us Stuff To Put Online

Amy Bueno

De pequeña, Amy la Tardona Bueno escribia <<limericks>>. The "Electric Hamburgers," to be eggzact. Ahora, estos mismos versos, como: <<THERE ONCE WAS A WOMAN IN BRAIN>>, se encuentran en sus poemas de 2 lenguas de 2 imperios que ya no batallan--se entrelazan porque sí. SOMETIMES 2 VIPERS MAKE LOVE IN THE CABINET UNDER THE HAIRNETS. El <<limerick>> y el romance yacen en la misma cuna sórdida. THE BABY RATTLES WHEN YOU PICK HER UP. No se podría llamar el lenguaje de estos poemas <<SPANGLISH>>. IT'S MORE LIKE A VACANT ROLLER RINK LITTERED WITH DILL PICKLES & Corona bottles. Es más bien el corazón de INGLES, sin el ax-scent. INITIALS SHAVED CAREFULLY UPON A BUCOLIC CROTCH. Es el "INGLES" del stuttering corazón. IT BEATS UNDER MACRAMÉ & CLICHÉ. La super-duper-pooper-hula-hooper meta de Amy es dejar que la voz de la cuna, llegue a filtrarse por las imágenes rotas y recicladas y los sonidos de segunda mano. ITEMS OF THE SALVATION ARMY WILL MARCH FORTH AND SPEAK. Si a veces pervade una voz didáctica, es la voz de duda que manda, que necesita llegar más allá de cualquier Meds-Quino idioma. If you note some Quino in these stick-ems, it's cuz I not only dig him, I luv-em. If you'd like to read sum from my Wonder Bread collection, go to http://crumbsinawhistle.blogspot.com/ &, like, thank you for totally reading my profile, like. Ho-ho-dare.

Works Contributed: 4
Web site: http://crumbsinawhistle.blogspot.com

Brian Howe

Works Contributed: 1
Web site: http://slatherpuss.blogspot.com

Eduardo Ramos

Works Contributed: 4
Web site: http://www.blahgspot.com

Marco de Oliveira

Works Contributed: 4
Web site: http://gringocarioca.blogspot.com

John Ribó

Works Contributed: 1
Web site: http://www.kapowmusic.net

Neal Cassady

Works Contributed: 3
Web site: http://www.volutionsmagazine.com/blog/

Rafael Galiñanes

Works Contributed: 4
Web site: http://volutionsmagazine.com/blog

Rodrigo Garcia Lopes

Works Contributed: 1

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